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Having originated in England and now operating in Australia, we at MBA Sports Coaching are passionate about providing a ‘Fun, Healthy and Inclusive’ environment in which to develop both the physical and mental health of children.

MBA Sports coaching

Whilst it is our mission to provide ‘Fun, Healthy and Inclusive’ experiences, our MBA team is trained and qualified in all key aspects of safeguarding children’s health and safety.


Child Protection
  • MBA is aware that schools and parents will expect any individual responsible for the safety and well-being of children to be qualified and trustworthy. All of our coaches are in possession of a current Working With Children Check and National Police History Check and have appropriate National Governing Body qualifications. It is also company policy that they always wear the MBA uniform and MBA ID when they are coaching children.


First Aid
  • MBA requires that all coaches hold a current First Aid Certificate and carry a fully stocked first aid kit with them to all sessions. We ask schools and parents to provide us with contact details for every child and to notify us of any medical conditions and allergies in the event of an accident or emergency.


Risk Assessments
  • Our staff are required to conduct a risk assessment of the facility, equipment, the activity and the group of children before delivering a session, and to put any measures in place that are required to reduce the likelihood of accidents and injuries occurring.


Accident and Emergency Procedures
  • Whilst delivering safe sessions is of the utmost importance, all our team are trained how to respond in the event of an accident or an emergency.


  • All members of our team are provided with a range of equipment to enable them to deliver safe and effective coaching sessions.


ID Badges
  • As stated in the Child Protection section above, all our coaches are provided with and required to wear MBA ID badges.


Coaching Standards
  • Demonstrate professionalism
  • Maintain a safe environment
  • Motivate all children to participate
  • Encourage fair play
  • Inspire high standards of conduct
  • Promote an active lifestyle
  • Give praise and encouragement
  • Help all children achieve their potential

Our highly trained team work closely with families, as well as with a range of private and public sector pre-kindergartens, kindergartens, pre-primaries and primary schools, delivering a variety of engaging and innovative sport and recreational programmes.

Vision: Our vision is to create as many opportunities for as many kids to be actively engaged and socially connected within our society

Mission Statement: ‘Fun, Healthy and Inclusive’, and it is these values that underpin each of our programmes.


We believe that children learn best when they are enjoying themselves


We recognise the importance of children leading active lifestyles


We ensure that all children feel a sense of belonging

MBA Sports Coaching was founded by Director, Mark Bailey, upon his relocation to Perth from the UK. Prior to his move, Mark ran a successful sports coaching business in North West England that delivered a range of innovative and exciting courses in nurseries, primary schools and a host of other venues.

Mark has a true passion for coaching and a unique ability to get the very best out of every child that he works with. This passion, combined with his pure love of sport, has led Mark to forge his dream career and in doing so, enhance the lives of the children who are fortunate enough to be coached by him.

Along with over 15 years coaching experience, Mark has had a highly successful soccer career, playing at a semi-pro level in England. He holds a BA (hons) Physical Education degree as well as coaching qualifications in a variety of different sports.

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