Active Tots Early Years Programme

Active Tots

A fun and friendly sports-based programme to help develop children’s balance, co-ordination, body strength, throwing, catching and striking skills through a variety of games and activities.

booking details

  • North Beach
  • Hillarys
  • Swan Valley
  • Dalkeith & Nedlands
  • Busselton
  • Dunsborough
  • Varied for all locations
  • Varied for all locations
  • $10 per session

Children are encouraged to repeat actions when learning new skills and also to recognise the changes that happen to their bodies when they exercise. This programme also prepares children for physical education lessons when they start school.

We use colour, number and shape topics to ensure that maximum learning and development is achieved. The coach to child ratio is high and parents are encouraged to interact with the MBA coaches and children during sessions. Every week we have a visit from the MBA mascot, Leo the Lion, and the children are invited to take turns looking after Leo, returning him at the following session.

  • Fun warm-up exercises
  • A variety of sports and games
  • Individual and group skill development
  • Activities based on both imaginative and real-life scenarios
  • Opportunities to develop communication, confidence and work as a team
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