Active Tots Early Years Programme

Active Tots

Our Active Tots Early Years Programme is based on the Five Learning Outcomes from the Early Years Learning Framework, as well as the Fundamental Movement Skills. It also meets the guidelines for physical activity as recommended by the Department of Health Australia.

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  • We are mobile and will come to you
  • Our times are flexible and we can fit in with your class timetable
  • Our dates are flexible and we can fit in with your class timetable
  • $70 per 30-45 minute session

Children in the Early Years should participate in 3 hours of physical activity every day as per the Department’s recommendation. Whilst play is essential, structured delivery has an important role too. Active Tots is delivered through parent and child group sessions, focussing on the development of the FMS. Using a thematic approach, it links into the EYLF and takes children on an amazing movement journey.

Active Tots aims to provide you with a service tailored specifically to assist the learner’s development whilst supporting the “Belonging, Being and Becoming” vision for children’s learning. Our 30-45 minute sessions provide plenty of opportunity for young children to be active and interactive with the main focus being on further developing Locomotor, Body Management and Object Control skills.

At MBA Sports Coaching, we recognise that all children are unique and as such, our session plans are devised to accommodate and encourage different learning styles and behaviours whilst improving physical, personal, social and emotional development in the process. We strongly believe that building positive relationships in enabling environments helps develop independence, confidence, respect and understanding.

When planning and providing activities, we also incorporate the following three learning styles which we believe are the foundations of children’s day to day lives;

  • Playing and Exploring: Children investigate and experience practical sessions
  • Active Learning: Children concentrate, problem solve, persist with difficulties and enjoy success and achievements
  • Creating and Thinking: Critically Children consider and develop their own ideas, making links between these ideas and developing strategies
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