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Success Stories

At MBA Sports Coaching, we pride ourselves on always delivering the very best to the children, teachers and parents that we work with. Please read on to see what some of them have to say about our sessions.

Gary Bryant
Principal – North Beach Primary School

“MBA have been supporting students at North Beach PS in their afterschool and holiday program for over a year. Mark and Emma provide a sports and values rich program which is attracting an ever increasing number of students. We are privileged to have MBA as part of our community engagement program.”

Di Hoffman
Physical Education Teacher – North Beach Primary School

How privileged we have been for MBA Sports Coaching to work with our school soccer team this year! Our team had been struggling in our Friday interschool competition, with both player and team confidence very low. Mark volunteered his time to help train our team during lunch times. He helped to develop individual player’s skills and contributed hugely to our team learning game strategies and individual students playing with greater understanding and confidence.
I would recommend Mark to any school or club team, whether it be simply teaching soccer skills and fun games, or helping to develop individuals or team skill/s.
Thanks Mark. You will be always welcome back at North Beach Primary School, in particular to teach and consolidate our students’ sports skills!

Kira Tessler & Tess Jones
Kindergarten and Pre Primary Teachers – Hawker Park Primary School

Mark delivered the Active Tots Sports program to our Kindergarten and Pre-Primary classes last year and was such a hit we immediately booked the following year. The smiles on the children’s faces throughout each session reflect the quality of MBA’s programs, their energetic delivery each session and professionalism throughout. Active Tots provides a wonderfully fun and motivating learning experience for children as they engage with a wide range of movement games and activities promoting healthy minds and bodies. All children, regardless of physical aptitude or desire are encouraged and supported to get in there, have a go and delight in being healthy and active. Because the Active Tots program was such a success, we also invited Mark to host an MBA Father’s Day sport session so our Kindergarten families could also join in the fun. Thank you Mark, we can’t wait to have you back again this year!

Tracy Mead
Nursery Manager – Bank Hall Kindergarten

Mark Bailey has delivered Active Tots sessions at Bank Hall Kindergarten for 3 ½ years to our 2 to 5 year olds within 3 different sessions which are differentiated to ages and stages of development.

Having these regular sessions provides our children with a fun way of promoting physical activity whilst meeting individual needs under the EYFS.

These sessions help children to develop their balance, co-ordination, body strength, throwing, catching and striking skills through a variety of fun games including colour, number and shape topics to ensure maximum learning and development is achieved.

The children all love the sessions and are always excited when Mark arrives and he always has a lovely manner with the children, giving them his full attention and ensuring everyone is involved.

Mark is always extremely professional in his work and was always accommodating if we ask him to follow a particular theme or skill which we’re currently working on.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Mark in providing such sessions within an educational setting and feel confident that he will deliver sessions to the highest of standards.

Catherine Hodgson
Headteacher – Richard Durning’s Endowed Primary School

Mark has worked for Richard Durning’s Endowed Primary School for over 3 years. We have employed him as a coach through Active Soccer. During this time he had taught our nursery and reception children with an Active Tots weekly session. He has also led two after school football sessions for our Key Stage 1 children and our Key Stage 2 children. As we were so impressed with his teaching, manner and positive relationships we extended this to running also a lunch time club for the whole school.

All the children really liked Mark – he was able to inspire the naturally sporty children to do well, as well as successfully encouraging the reluctant children to have a go and they ended up enjoying the sessions. He has a wonderful warm, enthusiastic manner with the children. Parents and staff alike also got on well with him. Mark trained our football team and took them to local competitions. The children did well and bonded well as a team through Mark’s encouragement and support. On a professional manner Mark worked well with the staff in school. He was aware of individual children’s needs and catered to them extremely well.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mark – his is truly an asset to any school or club. If you need any further information please do not hesitate to ask.

Charlottle Menarry
Manager – Newburgh

Mark has been at our nursery for a number of years and his sessions he delivers are outstanding! The children look forward to participating in the Active Tots sessions and its a great way to get them active and develop their physical development. Some of the children have struggled with their self confidence and Mark has been able to build up their self esteem and encourage them to get involved as the weeks go on. It is amazing to see the children’s self confidence grow!

Active Tots is a perfect way for children to build up their own relationships with their peers. Mark allows the children to work individually or as a team to encourage these all important social skills. Mark has a fantastic relationship with the children and always shows a friendly attitude towards them. He has helped develop many of the children’s skills such as throwing and catching, listening skills, taking turns, kicking a ball and many more.

We were sad to see Mark leave as were the children. We wish him all the luck in his future. I recommend Mark for what ever reason you wish your child to take part for example developing social skills, building up confidence or developing physical skills. Mark is the perfect route for you and your child to head down.

Mrs Sheila Hudson
Nursey Manager

Dear Mark,

I would like to thank you for the excellent service you provided during our Spring/Autumn/Winter terms in 2017.

We as a school are delighted with the way you encouraged our Pre-School children to participate in your Active Fit sessions. What we particularly liked was the way you engaged and encouraged some of the quieter children in our group and as our ages range from 2 years to 4 years this was a particularly difficult task! At the end of the sessions we were delighted to see this particular cohort of children fully engaged and positively enjoying physical activities. Your careful planning gave opportunities to all the children to be active and interact.

The children also enjoyed the physical exertion, commenting on their hearts beating faster, getting hot or feeling tired and talking about the effects of physical exercise on their bodies. It also helped them to understand the importance of physical activity and helped them after each lesson to make healthy choices in relation to food that was on offer at snack and lunch times.

Your professionalism, quality work ethic, timeliness and outstanding methods of teaching are highly appreciated by all the staff here at St Mary’s Pre-School.

We can confirm that your services would be our first choice if you ever decide to return to the United Kingdom! We shall miss you and the boys and girls all send their good wishes.

Thanks again for everything.